Facts on Halloween

Facts on Halloween


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"The Facts on Halloween" is written by John Ankerberg, John Weldon and Dillon Burroughs. Every Halloween children set out on a magical quest to gather as many goodies as they possibly can, acting out practices they know little about. But with the current revival of the occult, is this fall custom truly innocent, or does Halloween have a darker side? This book will help you make an informed judgment about the history and impact of Halloween and guide you in deciding how to approach it.

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Amazing!, 2nd Oct 2009

Reviewer: Jeff

This book is amazing. I mean it is astonishing to learn what we actually allow into our lives. I praise the Lord for men like these who are willing to risk the ridicule in order to get the truth into our hands and set us free. You won't believe where much of the Halloween rituals come from and how insidious they are. If you want answers to help you with your decision regarding Halloween, then this book is for you.

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