Adonai: The Power  CD

Adonai: The Power CD

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"Adonai: the Power" is a collaboration of Israeli musicians, vocalists, and songwriters. It combines ancient Hebrew sounds with modern world music and haunting vocals to reflect the gathering of Israel's remnant from among the nations.

Song List:
01. Birkat haCohenim (Aaronic Benediction)
02. Kumi Ori (Arise And Shine)
03. Hal'lu et Adonai (Praise The Lord)
04. HaKedushah (The Sanctification)
05. Kadosh (Holy)
06. Bo, Ruach Elohim (Come, Spirit Of God)
07. Adonai Tz'va'ot (The Lord Of Hosts)
08. Roni Bat Tziyon (Rejoice Daughter Of Zion)
09. Shema (Hear O Israel)
10. Mi Kamocha Adonai? (Who Is Like You, Lord?)
11. Hodu La'Adonai (Give Thanks To The Lord)
12. Moshienu HaNifla (Wonderful Savior)
13. HaTikvah (The Hope - Israel's National Anthem)
14. Shnat HaYovel (The Year Of Jubilee)
15. HaBrit (The Covenant)

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